NSU YES! is bringing to you ‘Masters of Ideation’, an inter-university business scenario analysis competition where the top teams from different institutes are going to compete.

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Yes, you have read it right a “family.” In 1994 a family was born – Young Entrepreneurs Society. Young Entrepreneurs Society – popularly known as YES! is definitely not like any other club. It is a family of some of the most vibrant, exploring, creative, innovative, enthusiastic, passionate, daring, visionary, ambitious, dynamic and confident students of North South University.

Since the inception of Young Entrepreneurs Society it has been a grand success and YES! has went from strength to strength. Today Young Entrepreneurs Society has reached a height from where we can say that “WE ARE THE “BEST!” Today “YES!” has become a synonym for words like “Achievement”, “Success”, “Fame”, “Victory”, “Winner”, “Number One” and “Record Breaker”. We live by our shibboleth – “We Joined! We Experienced! and We Achieved!”

This conquest has only been possible because of the unification that the YES!ers have. We might not have the direct relationship of blood but we all have the relationship of soul and the similar feeling that we all share – “DETERMINATION TO BE THE BEST!” It is what one of our family members says, “We are siblings from different parents.” All the YES!ers have given their all to take this family to the zenith, the highest pinnacle possible. Today YES! is the number one of all the clubs at North South University and it seems like the cliché “Everything YES! touches turns into Gold!” and we have attained this only because of the ‘gems’ – the YES!ers. YES!ers have the relentless audacity and the alacrity to be transcendent and beyond compare. When we wear our YES! branded T-Shirts it’s not just a Shirt that we wear, it’s what we are, it’s what we represent, it’s what we believe in, it’s where we live in, it’s where our soul lies.

YES! has created a special place in the mind of the students. During our last recruitment, “Recruitment’11 – Be a Part of the Best” Young Entrepreneurs Society received a staggering five hundred applications when many other clubs failed to get even 200 applicants. The number was so huge and the aspiring candidates had such great qualities that we had to create two stages of evaluation process: first the interview and then those who were selected in the interview round had to face a task evaluation round. The aspirants gave the evaluators a very hard time to select the ‘best from the best’ because everyone wanted to join YES! and everyone gave their best shot and were highly eager to join this family. We can proudly say that YES! got the best new members of all the clubs during the year 2011.

Not only among the students, YES! has achieved its fame among the faculty members and the stakeholders of North South University. During an event Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, Chairman, Board of Governors, North South University Foundation said that he is associated with NSU YES! from a very long time. He said that he is a long admirer of NSU YES! mainly because they are very energetic, active and some of the most creative minds are working here. He has attended many events organized by NSU YES! and is always happy to come to the events organized by NSU YES!.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Hafiz G.A. Siddiqi also lauded NSU Young Entrepreneurs Society for their contributions to the students from all over Bangladesh. He said that the text book knowledge is not much beneficial if there is no practical knowledge. And he is extremely happy that NSU YES! is providing that opportunity to not their students but to the students of other universities as well.

“Entrepreneurs take risks and this is the main difference between a manager and an entrepreneur. A manager does not take any risks.” Professor Dr S A M Khairul Bashar said this while referring to the name Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES!). He said that NSU YES! is the club that is never afraid to take risks and is the most innovative clubs among all the 18 clubs at North South University. It is nothing without innovation and YES! has proved time and again that it is the most innovative clubs of North South University. He thanked the executive body members and the general members of North South University for constantly coming up with events that are not only so originative but also helpful for the students for all over Bangladesh.

In addition, Professor Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury, Director, BBA Program has also his words of appreciations by saying, “There are 18 clubs at North South University but I recognize Young Entrepreneurs Society as a very vibrant, innovative, exploring and creative club. YES! always come up with programs and events that helps the students a lot and help build a creative mind. I am truly behind Young Entrepreneurs Society. YES! has brought fame for North South University by bringing other universities into its events as participants.”

Mr. Mohammed Sohail Mustafa, senior lecturer at North South University and faculty adviser of Young Entrepreneurs Society says, “NSU YES! is a specialized club that promotes entrepreneurial skills and it has already established a special place in the minds of the students for organizing various events like workshops, seminars and various business related competitions. Young Entrepreneurs Society always looks at what students want. It organizes events that benefits the students and promotes entrepreneurship.”

Young Entrepreneurs Society has also caught the eye of some of the corporate role models of Bangladesh. For instance Mr. Arif Shariar, COO and Group Head of HR, Rahimafrooz Bangladesh ltd. highly praised YES! for organizing such brilliant events. He feels that these events are excellent for the young people and mentioned that when he was young, there were no such events but now the young generation is lucky that they get these and not only for young people it is actually good for all. ‘Knowledge is power if shared.’ He thanked YES! for bringing up such events. Mr. Kazi Monirul Kabir, CCO, Grameenphone Ltd. and Mr. A Farjad Ahmed, Head of Credit Initiation, Consumer Banking. Standard Chartered Bank were extremely delighted with the way YES! organizes events, the events they come up with and they credited NSU YES! for being such an innovative minded club. Mr. Anisul Huq, President, Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) & SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) said that he was delighted with the work of Young Entrepreneurs Society. He further said, “I always encourage new business ideas. I am very happy that YES! has taken the initiative. I want that YES! will continue their efforts of organizing this kind of competitions and serve the business sector of Bangladesh.”

Young Entrepreneurs Society is the only business club for the undergraduate students of North South University. From the very beginning of its outset, YES! has always promoted to create a platform to advocate future entrepreneurs. YES! has been working unfathomably on organizing events that would help the students get ideas about entrepreneurship and the corporate networks. As our faculty adviser says, “YES! always looks at what students want.” The creative minds of the YES!ers have always come up with very innovative ideas and events that actually benefits the business students to the paramount. YES! do not just create events for the students of North South University but also for the students from all over Bangladesh. Social Business Plan Competition, AD Maker Bangladesh and IT Based Business Plan Competition are only few of the examples of the events that Young Entrepreneurs Society organized for the students at national level. Some of our most recent successful events that have acclaimed highest appreciations are: Agro Based Business Plan Competition, Social Business Plan Competition, NSUers Meets the Corporate Icons, AD Maker and IT Based Business Plan Competition.

Young Entrepreneurs Society has always organized events that are in harmony with its objectives. Young Entrepreneurs Society has classified many events during its lifetime. There are certain categories that YES! follows to set up every auspicious events. Some of the main activities of YES! are as follows. The trademark events of YES!

· Business Plan Competition: Every year notably during spring semester YES! takes initiative to organize an inter-university business plan competition. This business plan competition has proven to be a grand success not only for YES! but also for North South University. Multiple teams from different universities from all over Bangladesh can participate in this competition. Every year the number of participating teams is spiraling. Usually a workshop is held where the participating teams are explained in details about what exactly they will have to do and after the workshop the teams get about one month time to prepare their business case. The top five are then chosen to qualify for the final where they present their case to the judging panel and the winner is announced on that day. Due to massive response YES! had to limit the number of teams that a particular university can send. Still YES! have received request from many universities to increase the limit. During 2008 YES! organized Agro Based Business Plan Competition where 21 teams from 14 different universities participated. In 2010 YES! came up with Social Business Plan Competition where 35 teams from 18 universities participated and in the year 2011 it successfully organized IT Based Business Plan Competition where 40 teams participated. This business plan competition has not only helped YES! to be more popular but also promoted North South University to the whole Bangladesh.

· AD Maker Bangladesh: It is just another feather in the cap of our success. AD Maker Bangladesh is another inter-university competition where teams from different universities of Bangladesh participate in a TVC competition. A workshop is being held where the competing teams get to know in details how they would make the TVC. Then the teams are divided into groups and given different topics on which they will have to make the TVC. In the first round the participating teams present their TVC to the judging panel. The judges choose the best five TVCs from the different groups and then the top five are given a new topic on which they will all have to make a new TVC and present it to a new judging panel. From there a winner is chosen. AD Maker 2010 was one of the biggest hits of all the events of 2010 for North South University and has received a lot of appreciation from students all over Bangladesh.

· NSUers Meets the Corporate Icons: This is a very unique event. Young Entrepreneurs Society has created a stage for the students of North South University from where they can actually hear and interact with the corporate icons of Bangladesh. The students get to know exactly how these ‘icons’ got to this apex position, their struggles and how did they cope with these, their road to achievements, their childhood. Basically their entire life. This event also guides the aspiring future stars of Bangladesh in the corporate world. The students can ask any questions to their idols. This event immensely motivates and boosts the confidence among the students to work in the corporate world and actualize their goals. NMCI 2010 was a great success and it was conducted by three most aspiring CORPORATES of Bangladesh. They wereMr. A Farjad Ahmed, Head of Credit Initiation, and Consumer Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, Mr. Arif Shariar, COO and Group head of HR, Rahimafrooz Bangladesh ltd. and Mr. Kazi Monirul Kabir, CCO, Grameenphone Ltd.

· Seminars and Workshops: YES! organizes numerous seminars and workshops. The club has successfully organized workshop on business presentation. Workshop on job interviews. Workshop on ‘How to invest in the job market.’ Seminar on ‘Women Entrepreneurship’. Seminar on ‘Secrets on Entrepreneurial Success’ and a lot more.
· Field Trips: YES! organizes field-trips to different organizations in order to provide the students with the opportunity of observing the production process. This gives the students a practical idea on how businesses are carried out and made successful in the reality. So far Young Entrepreneurs Society has arranged numerous field trips – DBL, Super Max, AKH knitting and Dyeing, Masafi Group, Kumudini, Shezan Juice, Coca Cola company and Parle G to name a few. Young Entrepreneurs Society does not only organize field trips at national level but also at international level. YES!ers went to Malaysia, Bhutan and Thailand.

· Fairs: YES! arranges various fairs where young entrepreneurs can attend and check the feasibility of their product and services. So far YES! has arranged Women Entrepreneurs Fair, E-Fair, National Entrepreneurs Fair, NSU Entrepreneurs Fair and many more.

· Publication: YES! is not only about organizing events. It does publish two business magazines – “Accolade” and “Vigor”. This helps the students to learn more about business, not only in the perspective of Bangladesh but from around the world. It helps the students to get a good idea about the current situation of the global business and corporate world. It also creates a belvedere for the students to write and publish their own work. Apart from these two magazines YES! also publishes brochures during its every event. This publication work is solely done by the YES!ers.

The works of Young Entrepreneurs Society is not at-all limited to only their events. YES! has supported various events organized by North South University with the same diligence that it is known for during their events. Young Entrepreneurs Society is always acclaimed for their dedication, efficiency and skills in providing incomparable exemplary performances during Career Fairs, International Conference in Statistical Science, International Conference on Knowledge Globalization, volunteering during admission tests and volunteering during convocations at North South University. Moreover, YES! also provides logistics support during the Club Carnival. A carnival where all the members of the eighteen clubs meet and socialize with each and every NSU students including Alumni. YES! has a high reputation within all the clubs for providing with the best logistical support till now.

There is an old saying, “All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy!” Definitely true! So we, the YES!ers, love to play. Be it cricket or be it football, YES!ers can play all. The passion with which YES!ers play cricket and football it seems that they are not actually playing a friendly match but a real one where pride is at stake. And yes the pride of the teams are actually at stake because when it comes to a match everyone is very serious as if their grades depends on the win and loss. The other side of this is that it has helped us to build up the unity among us. YES! has its own tournament namely YPL! (YES! Premier League). This is a unique tournament played with a long thin stick and table tennis ball. We have auctions, third umpire and almost all the rules of a real cricket game are followed. The four teams of YPL! are FZO Tigers, MBQ, EBs and AB United.

Above all of these is the huge YES! ‘brigade’ who cheer for their teams so loud that as if Bangladesh cricket team is playing in the stadium! Not only in YPL! whenever YES! plays with any team the ‘brigade’ is always there and in the whole North South University YES! is also known for it, for the massive support that all the members give to their team. The feeling of the members is as if Bangladesh cricket team is playing in the final of a major tournament. Emotion certainly runs high when YES!ers go out to play. YES!ers has outstanding results in the field of game also. We have a record of whitewashing Social Service Club (SSC) thrice in a row in the game of cricket. YES! has also achieved the second runners up position in the inter NSU football match.

If you thought sport is our only entertainment mode then you are totally wrong. We have our singers and instrumentalists. Some are specialized while some are versatile. Name a song and they will sing it. Those who are untrained can literally sing like a professional! That’s a very unique quality. Whenever YES!ers go out on a field trip or outside Dhaka then singing along with the tunes of guitar is a must in the bus or in the train, let alone on the field trip. Almost everyone in the club can always say a joke or do something comedy to constantly make everyone happy and stress-free. It is now a part and parcel of our club.

“Club 103: One tiny Paradise!”- Shah Md. Junayed – President, NSU YES! – wrote while describing the club room of Young Entrepreneurs Society in his writing for the brochure of Social Business Plan Competition 2010. It surely is, the most enchanted room that we, the YES!ers have ever entered. What not happens in this room? It’s a very small room; it can hardly allocate even 25 people but still this room has that magic that can bind the YES!ers for as long as the whole day. For many of us this room is like our own room at our home. Once entered no one wants to leave. During exams we even study in this room apart from all the fun that happens.

One will have to enter this room and stay with the YES!ers to realize the fun that we all have. We all have uncountable memories in this tiny room. It is extremely difficult to express all those fun and enjoyments in words. Whenever a member is not in his/her usual self or depressed, the person enters the room and all the sadness, depression or gloominess are gone within minutes. The person leaves in a jovial, bright mood.

Our club room opens everyday at 8:30 am and closes at 8:30 pm. This room comprises of millions of moments. If you enter this room you will find twenty people sitting four-five people standing and the rest are sitting on the floor. There isn’t a time when this room is silent. The members are always chatting, joking, singing and having fun. If you bring any food or drink inside the club room then it is very unlikely that you will get to take it without sharing at least 95% of it with the members. Even the executive bodies cannot have their food without sharing a big chunk of it with others.

One of the unique features of this club room is the birthday celebrations. Each and every member gets a surprise birthday party in the club room. Cake along with samosa and singara are the menu for the celebration. Every birthday boy/girl knows that a party is coming for him/her but he/she waits for it as if this is the only chance for him/her to get a party. These parties create a festival each time.

The day ends with a common scene every day. Eight – nine members remain seated in the room and all look gloomy. All of a sudden one of the members takes the initiative. The member takes some money out of his/her pocket and throws it onto the floor. The maximum is BDT 20 and the minimum is BDT 2 per member. All the monies are accumulated and then foods are bought with this money. The menu is set, one singara and one cup of tea for each member. Believe it or not, for the YES!ers this set of menu is enough for the day to quench their hunger.

For the YES!ers, our club room is not only just a room it’s a place to live, breathe and relax. There are about 102 active members of YES! currently working with their heart and soul so that YES! achieve its highest pinnacle of success.



On 1st June 2011, YES! has created a new remarkable history in the book of North South University. A succession occurred which will lead NSU YES! to a whole new era of evolution. The successors have a high performance record in the past years and surely they will do much better while in the Executive body of YES! The successors are

· Shah Md. Junayed – President
· Faisal Zaman – General Secretary
· Syeda Sabera Arefin Juthika – Vice President, Communications and PR
· Md. Asifur Rahman – Vice President, Operations and Logistics
· Nafis M Zaman – Joint Secretary
· Hasin Abrar – Treasurer
They are not just leaders but are the six pillars of a new ERA of Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES!).

A new Sub-Executive Body was declared on 25th June 2011. It is perhaps the strongest Sub-Executive Body in the history of YES! The new team is dedicated to the core. Each and every day this body gives its heart and soul to make impossible possible together with the Executive Body and the General Members.


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